Moms do yoga all the time…right?

Tonight was a real lesson in yoga. I had planned to go to this special winter solstice class at the yoga center, which was a big deal because I hadn’t been to a class in months. But, alas we had a busy day at a baby shower and my son didn’t nap well… and I think the whole teething thing is cranking into high gear. So, with the class starting at 5pm and me laying on the bed with a crying and overtired baby at 4:45…I realized I was not going. I felt immensely frustrated, mad, and sad. But then I took a deep breath, listened to Krishna Das, and thought about it. This is yoga. I realized I’m doing yoga by just staying in the present moment and doing what was needed…which was for me to breath, listen to Krishna Das, and be home to help sleep come to little baby who can’t figure it out on his own. I’m not missing a class…it’s just a little different this year, and my teacher is a bit smaller than most. 🙂
Happy Solstice and Namaste.

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