Big Rig Dance Collective

I am a Co-Director of Big Rig Dance Collective.


The idea behind Big Rig Dance Collective (BRDC) sprung up in 2010 on a road trip from Denton to a performance in Austin, TX. Like highways connect cities, we aim to connect diverse communities through performances, community classes, and collaborative events. In our creative process, we value what each individual brings to the group, and that is often the impetus for our work. Whether our collaborations lead us to light-hearted theatrical movement or raw energy and explosive physicality, we always start making dance by looking to what drives us in the here and now. Our methods for creating often include improvisation, choreography, and collaborations with other artists. BRDC is directed by Crysta Caulkins-Clouse, Whitney Geldon, Amanda Jackson, and Lily Sloan and creatively developed with many DFW area dance artists.

If you are interested in working with us, or would like more information please contact me at:

Keep up with our happenings by checking  our calendar.

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