Making space for…

ImageDecisions in life can be hard (duh!).  Lately, I’ve been reflecting a lot about what I choose to say yes to in my life and why. What jobs do I say yes to? What projects? What friends? Is it yes to the money? Yes to the status? Yes to the time? Yes to the joy? It’s so easy to often say yes, without asking why first.  As easy as it is for me to say yes, it’s just as difficult to say no. What is scary about saying no? Sometimes, it’s the feeling that you’ve shut out a possibility, or that you’ve done the wrong thing and can’t go back. 

But, I have a theory that we know in our gutswhen to say yes and no, but we don’t always listen. In my life, I know that deep down that I value creativity, building a sense of home, relationships, local community involvement, and personal growth. If something isn’t saying yes to one of those things….I need to pitch it and forget it. Seriously….say no, because clearing out the clutter and saying no creates the space for those things we all value to emerge in life.

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