Why I Love CI

Below is one of my favorite posts from my last Blog, Make Dance Here.

Today begins one of my favorite weekends in the year: the Texas Dance Improvisation Festival. It’s a grassroots festival that was started in 2009 by Jordan Fuchs and Sarah Gamblin, both professors at Texas Woman’s University. Throughout the weekend, there are a number of improvisation based classes, many focusing in Contact Improvisation (CI).  In case you didn’t know, I am a HUGE fan of CI. It’s the kind of dancing when I feel basically like a superhero. I can fly. I can fall and recover easily. I can spin and find myself upside down. In short, it’s thrilling. A few weekes ago, I was reflecting on why I love CI so much, and why I am so inspired to share it with other people, especially people that do not label themselves as “dancers.” I came up with a short list of life lessons that I gained from practicing Contact Improvisation. See if any of them inspire you to get moving…


  1. Trust someone else. But, don’t worry if they don’t have your back, you can catch yourself.
  2. Falling is a skill. You can learn how to do it and not hurt yourself. (Hello….metaphor?)
  3. Sometimes you should move first. Think later.
  4. Follow where the momentum is going and see where it takes you.


Go take a Contact Improvisation class. It might change  your life.

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